Bulletin for the week beginning 12th August – The Nineteenth Sunday of Ordinary Time

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Vigil Mass 6.00pm Bridie and Jim Smith 8.30am & 10.30am Pro. pop. / Elena Falconer

Monday 7.00pm                  Feria                                       Special intention (Sr G)

Tuesday 10.00am               St Maximilian Kolbe           Betty and Jim Grady

Wednesday 9.00am           Assumption of the BVM     Deceased Ryan family

and 7.00pm                                                                         Thanksgiving (MR)

Thursday 9.00am               Feria                                      Martin Morley

Friday 7.00pm                     Feria                                       Kevin Gilmore

Saturday 10.00am              Feria                                       Special intention (ST)


SUNDAY  Vigil Mass 6.00pm Malcolm Faux 8.30am & 10.30am Pro. pop. / Bernie Mills  and Lucy Cassidy

SATURDAY CONFESSIONS – 10.30am – 11.30am & 5.30pm – 5.45pm

HOLY CROSS PARISH 60th ANNIVERSARY- Friday September 14th,Archbishop Bernard is coming to celebrate Mass with us after which there will be a reception.

HAPPY HOLIDAYS – May you all enjoy a well deserved rest with family and friends …. remember there is no holiday / escape from God!


PARISH PILGRIMAGE TO COMPOSTELA – Father Neil is holding a brief get-together for pilgrims when the full programme and any other useful information will be given. 11.15am in the Church Hall on Sunday August 19th.

WELCOME – We welcome Alexander Korimbocus who was baptised here last weekend.

LADIES’ GUILD – Our next meeting will be our annual lunch at 12.30pm at the Toby Carvery in Sutton Park on Wednesday August 22nd. If you wish to join us, please sign the list in the porch.  Lifts will be arranged.

PARENTS OF ALTAR SERVERS – A photograph of our present altar servers is due to be  published in the new Parish Booklet to celebrate the 60th anniversary of our parish.  If you do NOT wish your child’s photograph to appear, please let Fr Neil know as soon as possible.


6.00pm    Reader 1  L Arnold Morgan   Reader 2  F Boxwell

8.30am    Reader 1  P Doohan         Reader 2  P Doohan

10.30am   Reader 1  A Bessey          Reader 2  L Oldham

MASS ATTENDANCE   August 4th / 5th    6.00pm 192   8.30am 126    10.30am 181   Total 499

QUIET PLEASE – This church is a very important space in the life and ministry of this parish. It is used every day for personal prayer and for the celebration of the Eucharist. It is a sacred space where those who visit should encounter God in the stillness and in silence. Come in – be still and allow the Spirit of the Living God to fill you with His peace.

SAFEGUARDING – NATIONAL CATHOLIC POLICIES AND PROCEDURES – Archbishop Bernard Longley has commissioned a review of our current safeguarding/child protection practices in the light of the National Catholic Policies and Procedures.  This review is to be welcomed as a means of ensuring that our systems to protect children and young people are effective as possible.  This review is being conducted by an independent charity called SCIE (Social Care Institute for Excellence). As part of the review, SCIE would like to speak with any individuals who have had experience with any safeguarding issues within the Archdiocese, and have experience of working with our parish safeguarding representatives and the safeguarding team at the Archdiocese. Anyone who is impacted by abuse issues can contact the safeguarding team on 0121 230 6240 (emergency out of hours 07976 516629). If you are able to contribute to this important review and share your experiences with SCIE then please contact Hugh Constant (Hugh.Constant@scie.org.uk or 020 7766 7374 or 07872 602207)

SAINT OF THE WEEK – Saint Maximilian Kolbe was born in Poland on January 8th 1894.  He consecrated himself to the Lord in the Franciscan Order.  During the Second World War he provided shelter to refugees from Greater Poland, including 2,000 Jews whom he hid in his priory from Nazi persecution. In February 1941, he was arrested and imprisoned in Auschwitz.  In July 1941, three prisoners disappeared from the camp, prompting the deputy camp commander to pick 10 men to be starved to death in an underground bunker in order to defeat further escape attempts. When one of the selected men cried out, ‘’My wife!, my children!’’ Kolbe volunteered to take his place. In the starvation cell, he celebrated Mass each day and sang hymns to the prisoners.  He led the other condemned men in song and prayer and encouraged them by telling them they would soon be with Mary in Heaven.  Each time the guards checked on him, he was standing or kneeling in the middle of the cell and looking calmly at those who entered.  After two weeks of dehydration and starvation, only Maximilian Kolbe remained alive.  As the guards wanted the bunker emptied, they gave Kolbe a lethal injection of carbolic acid.  He died on August 14th 1941. His remains were cremated on August 15th, the feast of the Assumption of Mary.  He was canonised on October 10th 1982 by Pope John Paul ll and declared a martyr of charity. His feast is celebrated on August 14th.

IN MEMORIAM – Please pray for the repose of the souls of parishioners whose anniversaries occur at this time: Jane Angeline Harrison, Elizabeth Carberry, Elizabeth Gennoy, Mary Goode, Grace Veronica Leigh, John Joseph O’Neill, Ternce Picken, William Joseph Condron, Patricia Fearn and Martin Robert Morley.

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