Bulletin for the week beginning 5th August – The Eighteenth Sunday of Ordinary Time

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Vigil Mass 6.00pm Mary and James McNamara 8.30am & 10.30am Pro. pop. / Special intention (A & K) Ruby Wedding

 Monday 7.00pm       Transfiguration of the Lord         Annie Doocey

 Tuesday 10.00am               Feria                                       Stephanie Williams

12 Noon                Nuptial mass

Wednesday 9.00am            Saint Dominic                      Manuel Castro

Thursday 10.00am              St Teresa Benedicta            Special intention (ST)

Friday 11.00am                    Requiem Mass for Sylvia Gennoy

Saturday 10.00am               Saint Clare                            Tony Stridgen

MASSES NEXT WEEKEND  SUNDAY  Vigil Mass 6.00pm Bridie and Jim Smith 8.30am & 10.30am Pro. pop. / Eleanor Falconer

SATURDAY CONFESSIONS – 10.30am – 11.30am & 5.30pm – 5.45pm

CONGRATULATIONS  – Congratulations to Anne and Kevin Grady, members of our choir, who celebrate their Ruby anniversary of marriage this Sunday.

WELCOME – We welcome Evie Felicity Harman who was baptised here last weekend.

BLUE GIFT AID ENVELOPES – The new supply of blue Gift Aid envelopes has arrived, so when you have used your present supply please collect your new box from the Parish Office.

NEW ROTAS FOR READERS AND MINISTERS OF HOLY COMMUNION – The new rotas for the above are now available for collection from the Sacristy.


6.00pm    Reader 1  M Boland      Reader 2  A Treadwell

8.30am   Reader 1  M Deasy         Reader 2  J Eilbeck

10.30am   Reader 1  G Griffith       Reader 2  R Griffith

MASS ATTENDANCE   July 28th / 29th  6.00pm 195, 8.30am 104, 10.30am 154,  Total 453


Archbishop Bernard Longley has commissioned a review of our current safeguarding/child protection practices in the light of the National Catholic Policies and Procedures.  This review is to be welcomed as a means of ensuring that our systems to protect children and young people are effective as possible.  This review is being conducted by an independent charity called SCIE (Social Care Institute for Excellence). As part of the review, SCIE would like to speak with any individuals who have had experience with any safeguarding issues within the Archdiocese, and have experience of working with our parish safeguarding representatives  and the safeguarding team at the Archdiocese. Anyone who is impacted by abuse issues can contact the safeguarding team on 0121 230 6240 (emergency out of hours 07976 516629). If you are able to contribute to this important review and share your experiences with SCIE then please contact Hugh Constant Hugh.Constant@scie.org.uk or 020 7766 7374 or 07872 602207)

SAINT OF THE WEEK – Saint Dominic was a Spanish priest and founder of the Dominican Order. He was born in Calahorra, Spain. Dominic saw the need for a new type of organisation to address the spiritual needs of the growing cities of the era, one that would combine dedication and systematic education, with more organisational flexibility than either monastic orders or the secular clergy. In 1191, when Spain was desolated by famine, young Dominic gave away his money and sold his clothes, furniture and even precious manuscripts in order to feed the hungry. Dominic reportedly told his astonished fellow students: ‘’Would you have me study off these dead skins, when men are dying of hunger?’’. In 1194, around the age of twenty five, Dominic joined the Canons Regular in the canonry of Osma, following the Rule of Saint Benedict. In 1215, Dominic established himself, with six followers, in Toulouse.  He subjected his six companions to the monastic rules of prayer and penance and meanwhile the Bishop gave them written authority to preach throughout the territory of Toulouse. Eventually Dominic made his headquarters in Rome. The spread of the rosary, a Marian devotion, is attributed to the preaching of Saint Dominic. For centuries, the rosary has been at the heart of the Dominican Order. Dominic died on August 6th 1221.

IN MEMORIAM – Please pray for the repose of the souls of parishioners whose anniversaries occur at this time: William Bernard Forbes, Margaret Bulley, Walter John Worthington, Teresa Francis Arnold,  Norman Frederick Rumble, Romauld  Zelaskowski, Maureen Gannon, Michael Terence Daly, Francis Thomas Houston and Margaret Patricia O’Connor.

+ REST IN PEACE + Please pray for the repose of the soul of Sylvia Gennoy who died recently. Sylvia’s Requiem Mass will be celebrated here this Fridayg August 10th at 11.00am.

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