Bulletin for the week beginning 17th May – The Sixth Sunday of Easter.

SUNDAY MASSES Sixth Sunday of Easter Patrick Fitzpatrick. MONDAY Easter Feria Spec. Int. TUESDAY Easter Feria Neville Harvey. WEDNESDAY Easter Feria Frederigo Capanni. THURSDAY Solemnity of the Ascension Jeanette O’Donnell. FRIDAY Easter Feria Pro.pop. SATURDAY Easter Feria Marie Turner. Seventh Sunday of Easter Pro. pop.

NO CONFESSIONS – In the current situation.

If you have a particular intercession you want prayed please send Fr Neil an email fr.neil.bayliss@rcaob.org.uk or phone him. and he will offer it during the daily Mass.

 CORONAVIRUS – UPDATE – As last weeks’ announcement from the Prime Minister the present situation of ‘lockdown’ continues  the obligation for the faithful to attend Holy Mass on a Sunday or Holy day of Obligation is removed, until further notice. This also means that all weddings and baptisms are cancelled/postponed for the time being. Funerals will be held with a maximum of six people at the graveside or in the crematorium. Should you be in ‘self-isolation’ and have access  to the internet then you can watch mass ‘on line’. Simply go to the archdiocesan website home page and you can use the links  to see the various masses available.  www.birminghamdiocese.org.uk.

Sadly Holy Cross Church remains closed probably until July.

FIRST HOLY COMMUNION 2020 – Very sadly I am having to postpone the First Holy Communion celebrations that were due on 6th & 13th June this year, until later. I propose that when we can and complying with whatever regulations are then in operation, we will hold the First Holy Communion Masses on Saturdays later in the year.

A PETITION TO RE-OPEN CHURCHES – If you like Fr Neil feel somewhat aggrieved by the fact that the government has put football before faith you could sign a petition to allow churches to be re-opened. This would be for private individual prayer only, and in compliance with social distancing an with regular routine cleaning of the church. Here is the link if you would like to sign the petition: https://www.citizengo.org/en/node/179408

FR NEIL & ST JOHN PAUL II MULTI ACADEMY – You will recall that I have been the chair of the Board of Directors of the StJPIIMAC since it began in 2014. In recent years the work load has increased exponentially. In that time my mental and physical resilience has decreased as have my energy levels, especially since suffering from cancer 18 months ago. I am also aware that after the end of lockdown there will be an immense  amount of work to do to get the parish back on track. Consequently and after both prayer and consultation with His Grace the Archbishop, the Vicar General and the Director of diocesan Education, I have resigned as a director and relinquished the chair of the StJPIIMAC.

THE PARISH FACEBOOK PAGE – If you are familiar with social media – then we have a parish ‘facebook’ page – currently getting some 150+ daily views/likes. On this page I have placed some prayers and some activities – things that might be of some use to you whilst we remain under ‘lock down’.

PLEASE PRAY FOR THE SICK IN OUR PARISH – May the Lord grant them consolation, peace and healing. May God give all involved in health care in hospital or in the community, grace, strength and perseverance.

IN MEMORIAM – Please pray for the repose of the souls of parishioners whose anniversaries occur at this time: Denis Lewis, Helen O’Malley, Gertrude Parkes, Mary Kinsella, Veronica Manning, Thomas Thomas, Frederick Sparrow, Johanna Kerwick, Elizabeth Walmsley, Helen, McGreevy, David Treanor, Kathleen Gierszewski, Margaret Deane, Elvira Mizzoni, Frances Maiden, John Henderson and Anne Sutton.

+ REST IN PEACE + Please pray for the repose of the souls of Marie Turner and Jamie Hunter who have died recently. Marie’s funeral will be held at Perry Barr Crematorium on Friday 22nd May and afterwards she will be laid to rest in New Hall Cemetery. Under Corvid-19 regulations only 6 mourners (immediate family) may attend. For all who have died recently we pray… Eternal rest grant unto them O Lord and may perpetual light shine upon them. May they rest in peace. Amen.

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