Bulletin for the week beginning 2nd August – The Eighteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Eighteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time 8.30am 60th Wedding Ann (B&C). 10.30am Betty Codd. MONDAY 10.00am Feria Joseph Iafrati.  TUESDAY 10.00am St Jean-Marie Vianney Johnson Assoc. WEDNESDAY 9.00am Feria Betty Lordan. THURSDAY 10.00am Feast of the Transfiguration Johnson Assoc. FRIDAY 7.00pm Feria Spec Int (DB). SATURDAY St Dominic 10am Joan Downey. Sunday Vigil Masses 12.00 noon Spec. Int (Fr P) 6.00pm   Holy Father. SUNDAY Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time 8.30am Pro. pop. 10.30am   Spec. Int. (TB)

CONFESSION – Any one who would like to make their confession, contact Fr Neil (01213512161) or email  fr.neil.bayliss@rcaob.org.uk  to arrange a mutually convenient time and place.

CORONAVIRUS – UPDATE – The current regulations state the obligation for the faithful to attend Holy Mass on a Sunday or Holy day of Obligation remains removed, until further notice. Baptisms, Marriages and Funerals are now allowed in church but with the legal restriction of a maximum of 30 people. MASS OFFERED IN CHURCH Everyone entering Church must wear a face covering (these can be home made) the only exceptions are those under 5 years of age.

Holy Cross can hold a maximum of 70 people socially distanced at 1m plus. Communion will be in the hand and under one kind only. At the end of every Mass the church will need to be cleaned Fr Neil will need volunteers (under 70)  to do this before he can offer the next Mass. Please enter by the Car Park doors and leave by the ‘Presbytery end’ doors. Please use the hand sanitising gel upon entrance. Do NOT come if you are ill with  or have symptoms of Covid-19. Observe social distancing at all times when in church.

To ensure fairness and an equal share of opportunity for attending Mass in the month of August parishioners are invited to weekend Masses as follows: Sat 12 noon  Surnames starting with A – E.  Sat 6pm F – K. Sun 8.30am  L – P.   Sun 10.30am  Q – Z. In the event that more than 70 people turn up for any of the above masses I am sorry but that they will not be granted access.

VOTIVE CANDLES – When you come to Mass in church you may want to light candles. You will be allowed a maximum of three – which must be lit by one of the stewards. Once you have placed your candles in the stand please move away to allow others the same chance.

THE SACRAMENT OF BAPTISM – Fr Neil will happily re-book any postponed baptisms or book any ‘new’ baptism requests.  Please not that there is a restriction to the number of people who can attend – a maximum of 30 people and they must wear masks.  (NB The celebration of the Sacrament of Marriage, faces similar number restrictions.)

SAINT OF THE WEEK  – Saint Dominic was a Spanish priest and founder of the Dominican Order.  He was born in Caleruega, Spain. Dominic saw the need for a new type of organisation to address the spiritual needs  of the growing cities of the era, one that would combine dedication and systematic education,  with more organisational flexibility than either monastic orders or the secular clergy. In 1191, when Spain was desolated by famine, young Dominic gave away his money and sold his clothes, furniture and even precious manuscripts in order to feed the hungry. Dominic reportedly told his astonished fellow students: ‘’Would you have me study off these dead skins, when men are dying of hunger?’’. In 1194, around the age of twenty five, Dominic joined the Canons Regular in the canonry of Osma, following the Rule of Saint Benedict. In 1215, Dominic established himself, with six followers, in Toulouse.  He subjected his six companions to the monastic rules of prayer and penance and meanwhile the Bishop gave them written authority to preach throughout the territory of Toulouse. Eventually Dominic made his headquarters in Rome. The spread of the rosary, a Marian devotion, is attributed to the preaching of Saint Dominic. For centuries, the rosary has been at the heart of the Dominican Order. He is the patron saint of astronomers. Dominic died on August 6th 1221.

PLEASE PRAY FOR THE SICK IN OUR PARISH – May the Lord grant them consolation, peace and healing. May God give all involved in health care in hospital or in the community, grace, strength and perseverance.

IN MEMORIAM – Please pray for the repose of the souls of parishioners whose anniversaries occur at this time: William Forbes, Margaret Buley, Harry Pimley, Grace Guise, Eileen Murray, Romauld Zelaskowski, David Kesterton, Patricia Rumble, Christine Tully, Maureen Gannon, Michael Daly and Francis Houston.

+ REST IN PEACE + Please pray for the repose of the souls of Doreen Hopwood and Anne Perry who have died recently.  Doreen’s Requiem will take place in Church of 6th August. Anne’s Requiem is to be arranged. Sadly as only 30 people may by law attend many of you will not be able to be present.

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