Christmas Mass at Holy Cross and St Francis Walmley.

There will be six Christmas Masses offered as follows

Christmas Eve at 2pm, 5pm and 8pm

Christmas Day 7am, 9am and 11am.

As of 8am today Sunday 8th November there are virtually no tickets left for Christmas Eve.

To gain access to any of the six Masses each person will need to obtain a ‘free’ ticket, print it off and bring it with them. Entry will only be given to those who have tickets with them. Here is the link you will need to get your ticket:

There is a maximum limit of 80 people allowed access to the Church at any one time, which is why you must bring your ticket with you.

Please arrive a few minutes earlier than you might normally to allow for ‘track and trace’ details to be taken and yourself to be seated – which will have to be ‘socially distanced’.

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