Confirmation 2021 Children worksheets

For parents with children NOT in Holy Cross School.

To help your child choose their ‘confirmation name’ we are asking you to help the children with the following project:

Confirmation  – Research Project Title – ‘My friend Saint……………’

As part of your preparations for the sacrament of Confirmation, you have to choose a Saints name. So we ask you to complete a research project about your chosen Saint, which you will make into a ‘powerpoint presentation’.

You can include any of your own ideas in your project but listed below are some suggestions to help you begin. It is important that you don’t just download a chunk of information from

the internet, we really want you gain an in depth understanding of your saint. We hope you enjoy getting to know your saint and would like to remind you to set high standards in term of content and presentation.

Design a ‘powerpoint’ presentation, with at least 6 slides in it, to include the following suggestions:

  • Picture of your chosen saint.
  • History of your saint’s life. (Where and when they lived).
  • Devise a motto for your saint, what issue was important to them?
  • Explain: Why did you choose this saint in particular?
  • Explain: What do you admire about your saint?

Your project is to be sent to Fr Neil by email before 31st December 2020.

Also their follows below are a series of worksheets we would like you to download and print off for your children – they will need them in advance of the Confirmation lessons: These are for lesson 4:

These are for lesson 5

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