COVID-19 and Weekend Mass in Church for the month of November.

Please remember that the obligation to attend Mass remains ‘waived’ – meaning you do NOT have to go to Mass at the moment. Similarly as ‘religious worship’ is one of the exempted categories the newest Covid-19 restrictions in England do not apply, although everyone entering Church will be asked for their name and contact details. Also everyone entering Church for Mass will need to wear a face covering – (these can be home made) the only exceptions are those under 5 years of age.

Holy Cross can hold a maximum of 80 people socially distanced at 1m plus.

Communion will be in the hand and under one kind only.

Fr Neil will offer 2 Masses on Saturday (3pm, and 6pm) and 2 on Sunday (8.30am, 10.30am).

At the end of every Mass the church will need to be cleaned – Fr Neil will need volunteers (under 70) to do this before he can offer the next Mass.

To ensure fairness and an equal spreading out of opportunity for attending Mass Fr Neil is inviting you to Mass by the initial letter of your surname, as follows:

Sat 3pm – Surames starting with the letter A – E

Sat 6pm – Surnames starting with F – K

Sun 8.30am – Surnames starting with L – P

Sun 10.30am – Surnames starting with Q – Z

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