What are you going to do with the life God has given you?

Is God calling you to do a particular thing? As Blessed John Henry Newman put it “God has created me to do Him some definite service.” But how do you work this out for yourself? The ‘posh’ word for this is ‘Discernment’, which  is the task of trying to understand what God wants of us, in order to do it. It is a life-long task, as we try to determine God’s will for us in every individual moment of our lives. The way to discern our unique vocation is prayer – and specifically prayer that listens attentively to God. Being attentive to God’s Word means spending time with the scriptures and sharing in the liturgical and sacramental life of the church.

All of this applies to everyone, whatever they think their calling might be. If, however, you think you might be called to a specific ministry as a Priest, Deacon or Religious in the Church then the best way to explore this is to spend time with those already living this vocation, and talk to them about it. Our diocese has a Vocations Director who will be able to give you further guidance, http://www.vocations.org.uk/ .  There are also vocations events organised at a national level , http://www.ukvocation.org/.

Of course there are specific vocations, as priest, religious (monk or nun), permanent deacon, marriage or as a lay Catholic. Here are some links which cover the different vocations specifically: https://www.ukpriest.org/