FIRST HOLY COMMUNIONSIf parents would like their child to make their First Holy Communion individually then they may do so at the parish Masses – please let Fr Neil that is what you wish to do 01213512161 or

After careful consideration of many comments received from parents here are the final days/times: for children in Holy Cross School to make their First Holy Communion – on the weekend; Saturday and Sunday at 12 noon on the 26th/27th of September and 3rd/4th of October – a total of four opportunities – with a maximum of 8 children per mass (plus up to a maximum of nine family members).

As the latest Covid-19 restrictions issued by the government exempt religious worship the First Holy Communion Masses will go ahead as planned, however if the situation changes – which sadly it might – I will review this decision in the light of new restrictions issued by the government or the diocese.

A statement from Fr Neil.

One of the primary tasks of a parish priest is the administration of the sacraments to the people in his care. In doing so he must make his paramount concern the safeguarding of the people of the parish. My decision to proceed with the First Holy Communion Masses was made nearly a month ago when the situation in our country was quite different from that which we now face, the ‘r number’ was below 1, a vaccine seemed to be on the way and life was beginning to return to normal. All this has changed in the last few days, the ‘r number’ is now above 1, a second wave seems inevitable, local lockdown restrictions are in force and increasingly so, a vaccine is still some way off. Consequently, it is with considerable regret that I announce today that the First Holy Communion Masses will once again have to be postponed. I deeply regret any hurt and pain this will cause the children and your families, as well as any cost and inconvenience this may cause you. I do not make this decision lightly. I cannot at this time of writing predict when we might celebrate the children’s First Holy Communion, but we will when it is safe to do so.

I will, as ever, keep you in my prayers, that we may ‘weather this storm’ without loss of life. May God bless and keep you.

For children not in Holy Cross School the First Holy Communion made their first Holy Communion on Saturday 5th September at 12 noon.

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