Children’s Liturgy Group

Holy Cross & St Francis – Children’s Liturgy Groups

We are extremely fortunate to have 2 thriving Children’s Liturgy Groups at Holy Cross & St Francis Parish and warmly welcome any additional children to join us.

The 2 groups consist of the following age ranges:

Younger Children – in School years Reception up to Year 1 and

Older Children – in School Years 2 to 3

We currently have a dedicated team of 12 Children’s Liturgists (Group Leaders), who working to a rota*, are responsible for leading the Liturgy of the Word discussions with our young people on a 6 weekly basis.  Two Liturgists attend each week to work with the 2 age ranges stipulated above.  In addition, again on a rota, the Liturgists provide coffee at end of Mass, in order to fundraise for activities we may wish to carry out with children, throughout the year.

Activities fundraised for so far have included:

  1. Epiphany Party
  2. Summer Picnic
  3. Flowers for Mothering Sunday

The *rota we work to is attached as is the “Roles & Responsibilities” of the Children’s Liturgy Group Leaders, to show how highly we place the importance of safeguarding and health and safety.

We would very much welcome any parent, grandparent etc., who may wish to learn more about becoming a Children’s Liturgist.  Please contact Dawn Tansley on 07989 213029, for an informal discussion and more information.

Roles and Responsibilities of Liturgy Group Leaders:

  1. To collect books from the previous leader. This should be done on the Sunday prior to your turn. If you are a leader and the following week’s leader does not collect the books then please take them with you and arrange for collection from you by the next Leader on the rota list.  If you need to swap your rota duty, please attempt to leave yourself adequate time to do so.
  2. To prepare the reading and activity for the week using the relevant books.
  3. To arrive at the Church hall a minimum of 20 minutes before Mass in time to:
  1. set out the tables
  2. collect the children’s activity sheets (leaving a sheet for Father Neil to refer to when he calls the children back to the altar, at the end of Mass)
  3. set up the prayer focus
  1. At the beginning of Mass, Father will present the children with a candle (representing the light of the world) and a Bible, both of which will accompany the children into the church hall.  See suggested order in 7. below.
  2. To collect children from Church and escort them safely to the hall, ensuring that a group leader is at the front and the back of the line of children, escorting them safely across the car park.  Please also headcount all children/adults on entering the hall and then again on exiting the hall.
  3. To lead the liturgy of The Word:
  1. Gospel Reading
  2. Discussion/reflection
  3. Activity
  1. To chose children for the Offertory including (preferred order but not compulsory):
  1. Candle & Bible (2 children)
  2. Gifts (if appropriate)
  3. Bread (1 child)
  4. Wine & Water (2 children)
  1. To escort the children back to Church and ensure they find their parents.
  2. To clear up the Church hall, tidying and returning a majority of tables to original positions (some white stools can remain in the alcove and several tables can remain in the hall).
  3. To arrange a swap in good time if you are unable to make your turn.  Call Jeanette Hartigan to assess her availability in first instance or another Leader if this is not possible.
  4. To organise coffee on a rota basis (last Sunday of the month).
  • Please purchase fresh milk and arrange for replenishments of any other items i.e. tea, coffee, sugar and orange squash, as required from the monetary contributions (if these are insufficient, please contact Dawn Tansley).
  • N.B. Items are now retained in the cupboards below the coffee percolator marked with “Children’s Liturgy”.
  • Place the Children’s Liturgy sign on view (to be found in drawer).
  • Before Mass, remind duty Priest to announce at the end of Mass that the Children’s Liturgy Leaders will be providing coffee / refreshments following Mass.

Please note that the role of Liturgy Group Leader requires an enhanced CRB check (regardless of whether you already have one for another role).