Information for First Holy Communion June 2022.

FIRST HOLY COMMUNION 2022 – It takes place on the Saturday 11th June 12.00am and 3.00pm.

Photographs –
Due to the quick turnaround between the two Masses, there will be no photographer at the church on 11 June.

Flowers – Parents are asked for a donation of £3.00 per family towards of the cost of flowers for the church.

Sashes/ Ties – Boys will be given red sashes by staff in the entrance of church on the day. Parents are asked for a donation of £5.00 for the red tie, which you will then receive prior to the Holy Communion. (If your child is at Holy Cross School) – Please log into your ParentMail account in make this payment no later than Tuesday 7 June. All children wearing shirts and ties will wear red ties with the chalice, host and date on them. As agreed children wearing shirts and ties will wear long sleeved shirts.

Hands and Gifts – The children will be asked not to wear gloves or to hold items in their hands. Please would families keep such items with them until after Mass.

Seating – Each family will have a bench in church. Any additional seating will be towards the back of the church and in the side chapel on a first come, first served basis. There is one row with space for a wheelchair. If you require wheelchair space, please contact the school office by Friday 27 May. First communicants should arrive from 11.30a.m or 2.30pm and all families and First Communicants will need to be seated in their benches by 11.45a.m and 2.45pm respectively. The children receiving Holy Communion must be seated in specific allocated places on the benches.

Practice sessions- (If your child is at Holy Cross School) During the week beginning 6 June, the children making their Holy Communion will walk from school to attend a practice session at Holy Cross Church. This will take place during the school day.

Mobile Phones – Please ensure that all mobile phones are switched off during the service.

PARKING ON THE DAY – Please be considerate to our neighbours and ask your family and friends to be so too. We do not want the Mass spoilt by an irate neighbour shouting about poor parking.

Once the Mass is finished please feel free to leave at your own convenience. The children are well prepared and should have a lovely day.  Please pray for dry weather!

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